WIPER BLADE HD 1000MM 2017100063

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Heavy Duty Wiper Blade 1000mm

Product Overview

Windshield wipers clear precipitation and debris to provide the operator with a clear view of their surroundings during extreme conditions. Because wipers are a safety feature, they should be periodically checked and replaced as needed to get the performance you expect for your equipment. Wiper blade assemblies hold a flexible rubber wiper attached to the wiper arm to sweep water and debris off the windshield to improve operator visibility.

Key Features

• Better wiping performance
• High resilience
• Durable and long lasting
• Trouble-free installation

There are many different types of wiper blades available, for example: Standard wiper blades, spoiler wiper blades, Heavy Duty Wiper Blades. Not every type of wiper blade can be used on every type of vehicle

Standard Wiper Blades

Standard wiper blades are the most common type of windscreen wiper, often referred to as looking like a coat hanger and are still fitted to the majority of new vehicles, although this is in decline. They are usually attached to the vehicle using a hook shape wiper arm fitting.

Heavy Duty Wiper Blades

These wiper blades are manufactured of stainless steel 316. To prevent reflection, a black coating is applied on all metal parts. The Heavy Duty Wiper 1000mm Blades have a special profile that reduces lift. This makes them perfect for applications where a little more pressure is required. The Heavy Duty blades are also more screen friendly due to the use of plastic lower bridges. In case of damaged rubber, these plastic bridges will not damage the screen. Keep in mind that every motor has a maximum blade length when choosing your wiper blade.

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