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Logistics was the first business venture of RGT Marine LLC. This business represents numerous large liners, bulk carriers, tanker owners and airlines worldwide and provides agency services in the entire Gulf, Asia and the African continent. Services include providing and managing surface transport from the point of origin, seeking Customs and port clearance, and delivering the cargo to the customer’s door.

At RGT Marine LLC, the Logistics infrastructure embraces purchasing, supplier management, materials management, manufacturing, inventory management, warehousing, distribution, transport.

Today Logistics, is a key consideration in new product development with logistics professionals playing their part in multi-disciplinary teams to ensure products are designed with efficient supply-chain.

At RGT Marine LLC, Logistics covers a range of functions, each with its own challenges and skills, they are all interdependent and function like clock-work through the whole supply-chain to deliver results. We manage, coordinate and continuously improve the total supply-chain demands and have developed high-level managerial skills to play a key part in meeting a company’s long term strategic objectives.

If you require through the line efficiency when it comes to logistics think RGT Marine LLC. Customers are supported with a wide range of services such as operational management support for carriers at all ports, feeder services, weather-controlled cargo movement, and many more. The Group has built capabilities for efficient cargo movement by sea, air, rail and road.

We have the expertise to undertake the complete management of logistics, warehousing and supply-chain activities so that customers can focus on their core business. Group companies have created infrastructure and facilities in the UAE, India, China, Tanzania, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Egypt, and can provide a “One Stop Shop” for all carriers and customers for cargo movement.


  • Trusted & reliable partner with ability to customize quickly
  • Excellent relationship with local & regional port authorities/ terminals / vendors
  • Professional, well experienced, skilled & dedicated supply chain team committed to optimize time and cost of deliveries
  • Strong IT system providing customers with real time information and delivery at the right time, place & cost
  • Cost effective & value added services provided
  • Secured open & covered storage
  • Temperature controlled storage facility