Delivery Policy

How We Get Your Ship’s Supply Job Done

Our process begins when we receive an inquiry in our inbox. Our operation department treats every order equally, because for us every client is important.

Once your order passes through our system, it enters the portal, where an expert is assigned to it.

Each item in your RFQ is evaluated closely and quoted with a reasonable rate.

Our inventory management system matches your item with a same or almost same item from the stock.

Our company has implemented the latest ERP system which is customized to our needs, and is managed by IT experts.

Everything that passes through this system is error free, and reaches the customer within the given time span.

We have been working and taking the service of the technology , which ensures compatibility and reliability to the purchaser.

In addition to all of this, our system can be integrated to any system worldwide.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter to us whatever language or system you are using.

We deal with the urgent orders quickly, because our inventory management system is very effective in this regard.

We use the items from our own stock for orders that are urgent, because we do not have to collect stock from vendors on a daily basis.

This buffer stock system helps finishing the order quickly.

Our main emphasis is on quick delivery. We work on your order individually, and ensure that all your items are delivered successfully.

The satisfaction of your crew and people is our major concern.

Coming to the most important part of your concern, which is the inventory. Our inventory is a combination of different decks, cabin, stationary, etc.

This inventory is taken from among the top quality goods used in the industry. Our efficient warehouse team handles many orders together.

The latest software and the experts ensure that all the orders are processed separately.

All food items are brought to the warehouses just before they are sent for delivery.

Our cooling equipment is capable enough to keep your items fresh before they are delivered.

In today’s fast paced world, time and quality is always an issue, and we believe in minimizing your time loss, and giving you the best quality items.

How We Get Your Logistics Job Done:

Our method of managing logistics is different from all others. The logistics team is here to provide you a convenient, cheap, and tension free handling of your stock.

We have a separate logistics department that is working on your orders.

Logistics will keep your stock in the warehouse section assigned to you, and will deliver the order to your ship on your requirements, and orders.

Thus, logistics provide you a customized service that clearly prioritizes your needs. This will save your extra cost on delivery and custom duties.

Our software system enables you to keep track of the entire process, from the time you make the delivery to the dispatch of items to your ship.

RGT gives you several logistical benefits that you might not get anywhere else.

We have a huge warehouse which can carry 10000sq ft of items. Therefore, we provide you unlimited warehouse usage for the time you want.

In addition to not charging transportation to the ship, we do not charge transportation from the airport to the warehouse,

but this is depended on certain factors that you can find out though our customer support.

Our transaction costs are very minimal.

We never surprise our customers by bringing in any unpredictable cost. There are no hidden charges.

We have hired specialist in logistics, who have the capability to divide your order into several different units,

reducing your costs and delivering them into different ships, at different time periods.

We also combine different order to reduce transportation costs.

We save your time throughout this process. Everything can be controlled and handled through our website and customer support.

Delivery Policy RGT ONLINE STORE (for Products)

RGT Marine LLC is committed to the safe transport and packaging of products. To comply with DOT hazard packaging requirements,

some hazard products must be ordered in the manufacturer’s standard package quantity.

Goods will be shipped by courier using either of the following couriers # TNT , FEDEX , UPS , ARAMEX

·         We deliver to all corners of the world , Local , International & GCC countries.

·         The time duration for the shipment to reach the customer #

International and GCC countries – 7-10 days

Local – Maximum 2 days

·         Courier charges are calculated automatically in the shopping cart.