Cooper Bearings, Cartridges and Pedestals Cooper Bearings are similar to self lube bearings, but you do not need to disassemble your machine to install or service them. Instead, Cooper components are split into two halves, which are then formed around the shaft and built up one piece at a time. The advantage of such a system is that they can be installed, removed, serviced, partially or completely replaced without having to spend time dismantling your machine first. This design also allows for any misalignment to be taken up at the assembly stage. Cooper bearings are divided into three sections: Bearings, Cartridges and Pedestals. The bearing is the rotating mechanical part, consisting of a roller cage with inner and outer races. The cartridge is the protective shroud around the bearing which contains the grease and seals. It also aids in mounting the bearing to the main housing. The Pedestal is the hollow block which is bolted to your machine. This keeps the cartridge and bearing at the correct position for the shaft to rotate.